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  1. In Topic: DataBuffer for sending MCP packets

    Posted 21 Dec 2011

    View Post Novynn, on December 15, 2011 - 07:39 AM, said:

    The source of the bot has been released, so you could probably have a go at it yourself or rope some poor bastard into doing it for you.

    I see.. Well, maybe later if I feel up to it, since I guess that means that the development on the bot has ceased and there won't be newer versions possibly contradicting with the changes?

    View PostPhiX, on December 17, 2011 - 08:07 PM, said:

    So after two years you're still working on this script? Wow.

    Nope, I haven't made any actual changes or played the game in years, but recently I visited my channel again and made a few runs and thought that now I could finally implement the MCP features that I was going to when 2.7 came out, if this bug had been fixed by now, but guess that's not the case.
  2. In Topic: DataBuffer for sending MCP packets

    Posted 15 Dec 2011

    Necroing my own thread.. ^^

    Was this ever fixed? Or is the MCP socket still useless and I should just forget about improving my script? :/
  3. In Topic: DataBuffer for sending MCP packets

    Posted 13 Oct 2009

    View Post Hdx, on 14 October 2009 - 12:55 AM, said:

    You know, for now I could hackishly do it and make frmRealm.Hide instead of Unload :/

    I'd be really grateful if you did that, because writing my own socket for it sounds like a pain especially considering that it's already done and in the bot, then the current realm login would be useless to me and everyone else planning to use the realm connection for other than logging a character in-game just because they can.

    Once you decide to rewrite it you could make it unload again, that way it'd work both now and then, thus no bug, which would be really great for everyone using it, not that I imagine there to be many others to do so, but still the feature is crucial to my script.
  4. In Topic: DataBuffer for sending MCP packets

    Posted 13 Oct 2009

    For now I'm trying to get information on specific game rooms listed in my database by my script. (Like for example to know that these games actually exist and maybe their runtime and level requirements and the like)

    I have some other ideas for using it as well, like saving the ladder to be viewable online or getting filtered game lists and such.

    It's a feature I requested for StealthBot on 2.6 in the old forums, but the request was denied because it would be possible to send your own packets.

    Now I'm trying to do just that, but it won't go through. :/

    And you say it's a bug on SB? :blink: Then this is the second one I've already come across in these few days of 2.7. :o
  5. In Topic: DataBuffer for sending MCP packets

    Posted 13 Oct 2009

    Hey raylu, no I am not trying to login to the realm since as you already mentioned, the bot does that already.

    I'm just trying to send realm packets to the server via the connected socket using the realm "MCP" protocol to put this realm connection to use.

    There seems to be no error with writing data to the buffer, but I can't send the packet. :/

    I get the previously mentioned #91 error.

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    Oct 11 2009 - 20:01
    haha yea its crazy huh i get around fast in this internet world lol
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    Oct 11 2009 - 18:00
    DUDE!! :D lol no way lol
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