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  1. In Topic: squelch script

    Posted 6 May 2012

    The full script version posted works great. Had to figure out where to put the .txt and mod it accordingly. Thx for all responses!
  2. In Topic: squelch script

    Posted 6 May 2012

    View Post HarryGSn, on May 05, 2012 - 07:53 AM, said:

    As far as i know it's "quite" impossible to store the squelch/ignore from a user when you reconnect on
    By the way, when you reload the scripts, the bot will re-attempt to squelch those users.
    If you need the command too, just tell me

    Ah yes, the bot never saves squelches, unfortunately. However, if you squelch a user that is currently offline, the bot say that user is squelched but 'offline.' This is fine because the squelch list is only lost with my offline/online cycle. This means that the script can be quite simple:
    1.) Detect connect/reconnect
    2.) Squelch users from a .txt list(or other location)

    What is needed to do this? You have mentioned a command. Is this a one-liner type thing, or will a script file be needed, in which case much help would be needed. This would be my first script. Getting there!

  3. In Topic: squelch script

    Posted 4 May 2012

    View Post HarryGSn, on May 04, 2012 - 09:55 AM, said:

    Well, i suppose that's what you need...
    if you'll need any command in order to re-ignore again if the bot couldn't ignore the user because he was offline ect, just tell me.
    Anyway, get that:

    Attachment AutoIgnore.txt

    Thanks for the response. Its very likely that some users in the ignore list will be offline. But even if using the "/ignore user1" for an active online user, it works fine. But if you disconnect/reconnect, the user is un-squelched. Perhaps there is a setting to save squelches/ignores, but cant find it. If it comes down to a script, like the one you replied with my skill lvl sits at downloading this bot and adding the trivia plugin. What would you do with that txt file and how would you use it to auto-squelch upon re-connect a custom user name list. Thanks in advance!

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