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  1. Paintballing

    Posted 19 Sep 2015

    Anyone Here Go Paintballing Wut gear u got i got a vet for Holding PAintballS BUT NOT FOR Protection but got Helmet with The Mask

    I Got a Tippmann 98 Custom With A 30$ Stock For it (Shoulder Rest Thing) Also Had a Brand New 80ishh Dollar SUPER ACCURATTE LAPCO BIG SHOT 14' BARREL With A Free Choice Of Sand Blasted Polished Or Regular Barrel I Chose Sand Blasted.

    Then someone I know Broke into My House and Stole My Fucking Paintball Gun the.... Er I mean Marker Itself was 180$ Ish But Worse Part Is I NEVER EVER EVEN GOT TO GO PLAy WITH it before it was Stolen Eh?
  2. From: SB and Private Servers

    Posted 10 Sep 2015

    I could Help But FUcking lazy fuck of moderating on this site has had all my replys basically frozen for approval or even Disaproval WTF GUYS REMOVE YOUR WEBSITE IF YOU DONT WANT ANY NEW MEMBERS WHO ARE OLD-MEMBERS BUT STILL PLAYING THESE DAYS JUST LIKE BACK IN THE DAY MAN WHERE'S YOUR HEAD IT GET WITH IT show some besides hate my friend jesus lets all apologize Allow my Posts to go through and all sit down for tea chillax and Chat!?!? What Do you think Mr. Administrator!?!?

    Posted 6 May 2015

    You guys Claim your Trying to Keep Stealthbot Alive well I have been usnig it for almost 8 years Now and Lurking these Forums and Decided to Join and Post And Help Breathe Some Live on your Dead Forums And somehow have minus posts and labeled reviver of the dead topics more like only live person in a Dead Forum with Nothing But An Asshole Pissed that someone who is New is Posting and He Can't Figure Out Why So I must be a Troll! WRONG!!! I Am Just Here to Post Like the Rest Of you But Apparently you Wish For this Community And Stealthbot to Die so I should Delete it and Never ever Come Back to this Island of Cannibals Again Like Seriously you Guys are Assholes.... No Joke.
  4. From: SB and Private Servers

    Posted 22 Apr 2015

    I Don't Even have Any Clue what the Heck that is And Or Means!
  5. Only Experienced Problems Updating.

    Posted 25 Mar 2015

    For some Reason even though I Am POSITIVE I got the Newest Stealth Bot Version that is has a Notification saying I still neeed to Update it which does Not Bother Me and is not a Big Deal But just thought I'd Let you Guys Know that Seems to be the ONLY Problem SO FAR as I have Not Fully begun Maybe Never Ever will Fully be able to Wrong My StealthBot As A Clan-Channel: Moderator Bot.

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Might actually be named Chris
26 years old
November 17, 1992

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  1. Photo

    PhiX Icon

    Jun 05 2011 - 01:13
    sure, we all provide support via profile comments [/sarcasm]
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    MasK- Icon

    Jan 09 2011 - 05:20
    can you help me?
  3. Photo

    PhiX Icon

    Mar 25 2010 - 18:33
    hai2u <3
  4. Photo

    SamuelDeuter Icon

    Mar 15 2010 - 17:13
    Better believe me son...
  5. Photo

    --------- Icon

    Mar 02 2010 - 00:27
    whore fucker
  6. Photo

    Jack Icon

    Feb 24 2010 - 21:39
    i dont believe u sorry
  7. Photo

    SamuelDeuter Icon

    Feb 24 2010 - 21:21
    don't o me
  8. Photo

    Jack Icon

    Feb 23 2010 - 22:58
  9. Photo

    SamuelDeuter Icon

    Feb 23 2010 - 06:31
    Jack sounds like a girl on ventrilo.
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    dirty14 Icon

    Oct 29 2009 - 02:43
    LOL nice -8998 rep..
    was this a glitch?
  11. Photo

    slypt Icon

    Oct 08 2009 - 08:33
    HIS REP IS <9000
  12. Photo

    Pyro Icon

    Oct 08 2009 - 03:42
    hey babe
  13. Photo

    tn5421 Icon

    Sep 15 2009 - 20:06
  14. Photo

    PhiX Icon

    Sep 09 2009 - 11:22
    idiat was here.
  15. Photo

    Binaries Icon

    Aug 18 2009 - 03:43
    i want to blank your blank
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