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Posted September 30, 2018 - 10:21 AM

Hello everyone,

Recently, Blizzard announced WarCraft III v1.30.2 (link). One of the biggest changes coming with this patch is that network traffic for the game will now be encrypted, in a way similar to what they did with StarCraft. Unless Blizzard decides to leave the old login mechanism available for WC3 (which they did not do when SC was updated), after patch 1.30.2 goes live chat bots will no longer work with WC3/TFT. This will leave only Diablo 2 and WarCraft 2 available for bots.

With this change, StealthBot will no longer be able to moderate clan channels (unless an officer designates a D2/W2 bot) or execute any clan-related functions. All other bots operating in chat channels would also be affected by this change.

After this there will be one way in which a bot can be allowed to operate in a clan (one bot per channel, with greatly reduced functionality) and that is through Blizzard's Classic Chat API (link). StealthBot does not support connecting with this chat API, and I'm not aware of any currently released bots that do. We also have no plans at this time to make StealthBot work with the API, as it uses a very different system to the current one and it would be difficult to integrate.

There is a workaround to this, however. Over the last few days I've been building a proxy server that will allow classic bots to connect to the chat API (link). I have it tested and confirmed working with the latest version of StealthBot. You will need to obtain an API key by using the /register-bot command on the clan chieftain's account. For instructions on using this proxy, see the usage section on the GitHub page (link). For security reasons, I am not hosting this proxy publicly, and I do not recommend using the server of anyone who is. Your API key is like a password and shouldn't be shared with anyone. If you have any issues please post them on the GitHub issues page, as this is not a StealthBot product.

Best of luck to everyone,
- Pyro
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