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Technical Support Rules Please read this topic before posting.

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Posted August 09, 2009 - 01:56 AM

Before creating a topic

First and foremost, check the StealthBot wiki for answers! This forum has numerous videos and solutions which cover the most common StealthBot issues and questions. Finding a solution in this forum is much easier than searching or creating a topic, so check here first!

If you did not find the answer/solution you were looking for in the wiki, make sure that you use the search function. The Technical Support Forums have lots of resolved issues with the bot, so most of the time you will be able to find a solution using this method.

If you found a topic concerning your issue, but it does not answer your question or resolve your problem, do not attempt to bump or hijack it (your post will most likely be deleted without further notice). Rather create a new topic with a reference link to the topic in question. The same below-mentioned guidelines apply.

If your careful and thoughtful searches failed, you can then proceed and create your topic:

Choosing a topic title

The contents of your topic should be deducible from its title. In addition do not put [TAGS] in your topic title.

GOOD: BNLS is refusing my connection

BAD: helpa me with this!!2#!#$!

Topic Content

Try to include as much information as possible. Saying that something does not work only tells us that you have reached one of the infinite ways in which the bot does not work. Things to tell us include (where relevant): product (SC/D2/WC2/WC3 and whether you are using an expansion), server, whether you are using BNLS or local hashing, the BNLS server you are using, and messages your bot says (copy/pasting a log is preferred).



After reading this wiki article I am still receiving the following error. I have searched and even double-checked my configuration.


[10:57:03 PM] [BNET] Version check failed!
[10:57:03 PM] [BNET] You need to update your hash files using more current ones from the directory of the game you're connecting with.
[10:57:03 PM] All connections closed.

I am trying to connect with WC III.



help!! my bot doesnt work!!!

how do i fix? help help help!!!

holy this sucks balls

<a name="link"></a>Please do not make a topic asking for a simple link because you were too lazy to search for it!

Other things to keep in mind

When making a new topic, make sure that you use correct grammar and spelling so that the person helping you will know what you are talking about. Always keep in mind that this is a forum and no chatroom, chat or "leet" speak is inappropriate. Proofread your post before you press the reply button so that you know you did not make any mistakes while you were typing. Whatever you do, do not use profanity or you will get no love.
Do not use your StealthBot for malicious purposes, such as spamming, advertising and the like. We will not help with issues that are results of purposely breaking's Terms of Use. Topics concerning such actions will be locked or trashed and may result in a warn for the user.

Before attempting to help someone

Make sure you know what you are talking about. You will be warned for providing incorrect tech support because this only causes delays for everyone. The only exception will be simple mistakes such as typos in links.
In addition, don't post plugins unless explicitly requested or asked for by the topic starter.

Note: The general Board Rules apply here as well, so make sure you read them.

Props go to Hyper for creating the original topic with the following comment.

Hyper, on Apr 30 2007, 09:46 PM, said:

Although I do not visit the Technical Support forums, I must say that I am frustrated with all the lack of tolerance from the users towards StealthBot. It has come to my attention that you people do not realize that StealthBot is a free program. When I see topics like: this, this or this, it aggravates me greatly. These are not the examples of the type of topics that will get you help, though they will get it trashed as soon as possible. Since this is a free program, which means you do not have to pay for it, show some respect to the Moderators and the Administrators that are working hard to help you. They do not get paid for doing so.

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