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Discussion Rules Read this before posting here!

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Posted September 12, 2009 - 04:54 PM

  • No spamming - Threads in this forum must have an actual, serious topic for discussion. If you don't know about a certain topic, don't post saying that you don't.

  • No flaming - If someone is wrong about something, don't shoot them down; simply correct them and explain why they were wrong so that they can learn from their mistakes.

  • No bumping - Do not bump old topics with useless posts such as "I agree lolz" or you will be suspended. If you bump a topic and actually contribute to it by providing some background information as to why you agree or disagree, that is fine.

  • No advertising - It's great that you have a website and all, but that's what your signature is for. Link to your website in your signature or profile, not in the forums. Advertising will result in a 24 hour suspension.

  • No inappropriate topics - Please only post topics that have the potential for serious and intelligent discussions here. For everything else there is the Off-Topic forum.

  • Do not express opinions as statements - If you disagree with something or wish to share your point of view, do not say "[Statement] is wrong." as that implies what you are saying is fact. Instead say "I don't believe/agree with [Statement]" and preferably give your reasoning. As well as that do not say others opinion's are wrong, as everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.

  • Note that all the Board Rules still apply here, as they do to all sections of this website.

  • Please do not post Technical Support questions in this forum. We have a special forum just for those here. Any Technical Support questions posted in this forum will be trashed.

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