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Scripting Forum Rules It's your responsibility to read this.

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Posted August 04, 2009 - 07:41 PM

Scripting Forum Rules

Please note: It is YOUR responsibility to read these rules; I know when people have read and have not read this section.

1. Before creating a new topic:

  • Please read the Tutorials and FAQs board. Answers to common problems can be found there.

  • Search! to find topics relating to yours so you don't flood the board with the same problems as another user.

  • Please note that the Plugin System is considered outdated. Hence problems with plugins or the Plugin System itself will not be supported anymore.

2. Be specific and choose a suitable title

  • Always give as much detail/information as possible when you post, especially when reporting errors. Simply saying, "I get an error 13. Help?" will yield a reply of, "Fix it." Simple answer to a simple post. The best way to avoid this is to include a chatlog of the error message, along with any other chats that occur before it. This includes the command itself! Be considerate, use codebox tags for long chat logs
  • Choose a title that fits your topic. It should be a short explanation of the problem. Do NOT put [TAGS] in your topic title and do NOT use titles such as, "help me", "script help", "script problem" or the like.

3. Use code tags and do not post unneeded code

  • If you are going to post code, please use [code] tags for shorter code or [codebox] tags for longer codes.
  • If you have an issue with a bigger plugin that has been posted on the forums, DO NOT paste the whole thing into the topic as it wastes space and may not all fit (some lines will get cut off). Instead, link to the post where the code resides. If you made any significant modifications to the code itself that alters how the script operates or these modifications are only meant for you, you may attach the code as a txt file attachment.

4. Post in the correct forum

  • For scripting support (not requests), post in the Scripting section. (You're already here)
  • If you would like a script written for you (a request), post in the Script Requests section. Be sure to follow the guidelines set out for you in that forum to make the entire process easier. Believe me, taking the 10 extra minutes to properly format your post will quicken the process severely; the creator will have a clear outlook on what you're wanting to do and will therefore ask you maybe 3 questions instead of 10.
  • If you would like to formally submit a script you've written, please follow these guidelines.

5. Do not spam or flame

  • Moderators of this forum maintain a very broad definition of spamming and flaming in this forum. If you think what you're about to post pertains to the below list, then do not post:
    • irrelevant
    • unhelpful
    • unnecessary
    • incorrect or you are unsure (if you're providing support)
    • inflammatory
  • If you feel you are being flamed upon, contact a moderator of this forum and please try not to retaliate. Be wary of any retaliation you take; you may be warned as well, depending on what you say.

  • Flaming and spamming are taken very seriously in this forum as this forum is meant for serious discussion to try to assist others. A moderator can issue a warning to you by either adding italicized text to your post or by making a new post, or they can add to your warn level right away. Repeated offenses will not be taken lightly.

6. No advice is better than wrong advice

  • Do not attempt to offer support if you do not know what you're talking about or are unfamiliar with the script in question. Unknowledgeable users giving incorrect support will make the problem worse and may result in a warn, depending on what you post.

7. No requesting or posting spamming/gnome/advertising/"jumper"/key testing scripts

  • Posting anything relating to spamming, advertising, gnome, key testers or "channel jumper" scripts are disallowed. This includes posting, requesting, or asking support for a private one. These scripts are deemed as such by the sole discretion of the scripting moderators. Any request of these sort of scripts will result in a warn.

8. No plagiarizing others' scripts

  • Posting another user's code and calling it your own is positively not allowed andwill result in a one week suspension. No exceptions. There is zero tolerance for this.
  • Posting modified scripts is allowed with the proper credit. This is good:
    Script("Author") = "The-Black-Ninja, modified by Apple-iPod"
    Script("Author") = "Apple-iPod, original author: The-Black-Ninja"
    This is not:
    Script("Author") = "Apple-iPod"
    Just because you've changed names of functions/variables/comments does not make it yours.

9. Do not post untested scripts

  • Posting scripts that have obviously not been tested (errors on load, whenever a user talks, etc.) does not help the the user the script is for and only complicates things.
  • For complicated scripts, such as; league scripts, scripts that require a large amount of users to perform commands, scripts that require different products to trigger different results, are more understandable as far as testing is concerned, HOWEVER, if the script has not been tested whatsoever to not error on load or perform the basic commands, that is entirely different.
  • Users that post such scripts that have not been at least loaded on your bot to be sure the script is free of errors on load and errors everytime a line of text is said, those users will receive a warn.

10. No external links

  • When posting a script, post the code on the forums in the appropriate [TAGS] or as a txt attachment. Do not post links to your script that navigates away from the Stealthbot website; the server these outside links are posted on may become unreachable at a future time. It is always best to post the script as an attachment.
  • If a script leads to an outside link, the moderators have to check the script for malicious code. Only approved scripts posted on this site are safe to use and should always be looked at thoroughly before using.
  • If you are wary of using a script made by someone else, consult a moderator and ask if they could look through it to be sure it's safe. Never be afraid to ask this, moderators are here to help :)

11. No bumping

  • If you don't recieve an answer to your question within a few days, it is most likely because either no one knows the answer at this time or no one is able to take on your request right now. We understand that it's frustrating when you don't get an answer right away, but bumping your topic will not solve the issue; it annoys other users and it annoys the moderators. Persistent bumping, especially when told to stop by a moderator, will result in a warn.
  • The same rule applies to very old topics. If a topic is several months old or older, DO NOT REPLY TO IT. If the topic contains an issue that pertains to your interest, make a new topic about it and reference the old topic, if you have to, as a link.
  • The term "bump" means to Bring Up My Post. Posting these (but not limited to) are not allowed:
    • "bump"
    • "up"
    • "can anyone help?"
    • "anyone out there?"
    • "so it's been 3 days and still no reply. does no one really know what to do?"
    • editing your post in such a way that does not include adding relevant information to your original question

12. Do not post private scripts

  • Unless the script was posted by the original author on this forum or another public forum, do not post it for any reason.
  • This applies to almost every dota league script.

Breaking any of these rules may result in a warning. Continuation of the same behavior following such warning will result in a suspension or other punishment(s) at the moderator's discretion.

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