Hello, I'm new to SB and BCP, but I'm trying to help resolve other people's problems as well from my own tinkering and editing to try and reduce the hassle for you guys..

Unfortunately, I have stumbled upon a problem on my own, I've checked around the forums and the FAQs but it appears that no one else has this problem...

Anywho, I've added the bot to my friends list and logged in, and the bot recognizes my account and will announce games when they are created, however, sometimes it will report the correct info and other times it won't.

For example,

[1:40:01 AM] <ClanDotw : New game Spud Baal-26 started by Spud_Kneegrow (level 93 paladin (run #18.))>
[1:44:55 AM] <ClanDotw : New game Spud Baal-27 started by Character) (level 0 paladin (run #19.))>

My .ini looks like this:

NewGame=/me : New game %game started by %user (level %lvl %class (run #%runid.))

Any information on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated... I've also tried using the %gametime variable as well in the announcement, but it came up as this:

[1:18:03 AM] <ClanDotw : New game Spud Baal-21 started by Character) (level 0 paladin (run #13.) Spud Baal-21time )>

As I stated before, any help would be greatly appreciated, and I'll continue to try and help you guys out by answering questions based upon past experience

Thanks for your time