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Can someone make me a script that will display certain messages every 'x' minutes/seconds.

If possible..

make the time & number of messages as variables so you can add/rem the messages

have it save the message in a .txt doc for easy editing

display multiple messages


.addmsg *The message*
Bascically... every X mins/sec you want it to display ALL the messages in the .txt file?

And be able to add a message with .addmsg ?
Use the bot's built-in idle message and set it to read from your quotes.txt file.
1. If there is one message, display it once every 5 minutes.
If there is five messages, display them in order 1 minute apart.

2. The bot isn't idle though.. It is constantly doing things..
It doesn't matter, an idle message gets sent every X minutes regardless of the bot's activity.

If you set the idle message up to read from your quotes.txt file instead of just the one line, you can have as many messages as you want.
Alright. It works, thanks.

Would I be able to have someone modify a script for me?

It's basically a mms. I need it set up for 1v1. I changed it already but I don't know enough to change what the commands do. .challenge Bob, .accept/.decline. (It's in there, I just don't know how to change it. I can send it through PM.
You'd have better luck making a new topic about that in the scripting section smile.gif
k. thanks. resolved.
I have marked this topic as resolved. If you did not receive a satisfactory response, please reply and provide as much detail as possible.
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