With CCX's list functions, I noticed one thing that seemed to be missing, %ListSearch or something of the like, maybe someone doesn't know if the thing he is looking for is in the list, so perhaps he could type,

!bwhf Iv-Viral

Using the function would mean he would have to set the location of the list so it would be outside of SB's folder.

For instance when adding the command he could type,

/addcc bwhf 0 %Searchlist (C:\Documents and Settings\Nancy Scott.NANCY\Desktop\U.S. iVD\BWHFAgent\Hacker list cache\BWHF_hacker_list_cache.txt [%1])

So that doing

!bwhf Iv-Viral searches the text file (bwhf_hacker_list_cache.txt) for user Iv-Viral.

Then replying to the user the data on the line found,

names on the bwhf hacker list cache, are stored as such,

(Times caught hacking),(username) 0,iv-Viral


If the number listed is 0 then Iv-Viral has been caught hacking 1 time.

So this would also make use of the replace function.

Is this possible/would it take long to do?