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Before the latest update for StealthBot - which was updated today, or yesterday, unsure since I wasn't home - I had seven bots logged on.

And today, after I downloaded the new thing to make my bots work, I haven,t been able to log more than five bots. Is it me just being paranoid about number of bots, and the problem is somewhere else, or is the maximum amount of bots allowed really reduced?

I have logged on five bots momentarily, and I decided I felt like logging on to play a game. So I opened WarCraft... Clicked on and -OMG. It gives me the message that I'm trying to connect to an invalid Battle.Net server, blah blah, like when you're IPBanned.

(Sorry, I would've dited, but it kinda... Doesn't work. Tells me I don't have enough permission.)

(Lol, and now I see that if I do a Fast Reply after myself, it adds it to my previous post. xD I love discovering these forums. ohmy.gif)
we can not control the number of bots you can have online at one time, considering you say all of your bots are connecting fine, our job is done, most people can connect 7/8 bots but its somly up to blizzard if they want to limit people to less. A lot of people who load the maximum number of bots all the time usually see themselves get limilited. Just something that happens, we can't do anything about it.
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