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hey, i manage to get stealthbot working, yay!

but i cant get .login to work.

.games work, .top works

but people cant use .login to enable the channel bot to log them in.

plz help
Well, what happens when trying to do so? Do they have enough access? Does the bot respond?

In the future please post in the correct forum. *Moved to BCP forum.*
actually it was a bad character. it was a lvl 1 sorc trying to use .login.
when it uses a lvl 80+ character it was able to. but then it says "game name has no valid tag, it was ingored

wat the?

hmm i fixed it by using baal in "cer baal-#" to fix it.

but jsut carious, how do u change is so that even it does not have the "baal" vairable in game it still tracks game?


i also realized the game count # is not showing, (new game certain baal-# started , run #) it keeps showing as "1"

this is wat i edited

bcp_Set "Main", "FirstRun", "True", False
bcp_Set "Main", "Filter", "baal|chaos", False
bcp_Set "Main", "MinGame", "60", False
bcp_Set "Main", "MaxGame", "350", False

i even set maxgame 350 , this means max time spent in game will be counted correct?
and the game finnished under 350.
so it still dont count the games
Do not edit the code. All settings can be (and should be) changed in the BCP config file.
ah ic, but i found out that the %gametime variable doesnt work
it just shows ssbaal-03 by someone at ssbaal-03time

i was trying to set it so it spams game duration as well.
wat to do?
Wait until it's fixed.;#entry345357
alright, thanks!
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