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Full Version: [RESOLVED] Spaces in a custom command trigger > StealthBot > Scripting and Plugins > Plugin Projects > Custom Command Xystem (CCX)
So, I really wonder if there is any way to do this. I need to have spaces in the trigger of a custom command. I have not yet toyed with ccx so I don't know wether it works there.
The commands are team names, and the bot will return info about the various teams.

Example: [USER] .Team 17
[BOT] Team 17 consist of "name" and "name" blah blah blah.

So far, I can only make the command work if the trigger is: Team17. I wondered if there was any way, in CCX or not to make this work.

CCX is a scripted custom command system. I will move your topic to the appropriate forum.

C'mon, there has to be someone out there that can atleast answer me wether it's even possible?
In short: No, it's not possible to have spaces in custom command names, because a space indicates an argument.

In your specific case: It is possible with a number of %if expressions. You'd have to define a response dependent on the given argument(s). But it's very cumbersome to edit the command, because it's rather advanced and can get confusing with all the if expressions. So I'd say it's only suitable for static text.
Aight, thanks. That's all I wanted to know. You can lock this now.
I have marked this topic as resolved. If you did not receive a satisfactory response, please reply and provide as much detail as possible.
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