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Author: 7thAce
Explanation: Keeps track of users wins and losses in Starcraft 1v1 games.
Commands: Remember to replace . with your trigger.

General commands: (Can be used by anyone unless marked otherwise)
.myrank [Username] - Returns rank and rating of the user.
.signin - Signs into the script.
.signout - Signs out of the script. Will auto signout if you leave
.challenge <username> - Challenges a user. They will be notified of a challenge when they join the channel next.
.regref <username> - Requires 100 access: Promotes a user to referee rank.
.ivdver - Returns the current script version.

Referee commands:
.agame <username>/<race> <username2>/<race> - Records a game into the database. Ex. .agame Bob/Zerg Joe/Protoss It will return an ID which you need to remember (or have the players remember). Please use the whole race name, not an abbreviated form (Protoss not toss, zerg not zergies).
.ivdwin <User who won> <GameID> - Records a win and loss for each player, adds the game to the history, and edits the ranks and ratings.

In-bot commands:
/ivdloadmsg - Turns load messages off.
/updatecheck - Checks for updates for the script. Use frequently.
/whatsnew - Displays the current changelog for the version. Useful for knowing what I fixed and added.
/idle<on/off> - Turns IVD idles on or off. Ex. /idleon (no space)
/setidle <Idle> - Sets the IVD idle message. See the script for idle variables.
/setidletime <Number> - Sets the IVD idle wait time in minutes.
/mgreet <on/off> - Turns member greets on or off. (member being someone in the league)
/nmgreet <on/off> - Turns nonmember greets on or off.
/greetid <1/2/3> - Sets the greet to a Message(1), Emote(2), or Whisper(3).
/setmgreet <greet> - Sets the member greet. See the top of the script for variables.
/setnmgreet <greet> - Sets the nonmember greet.

Important notes:
All external commands (except ivdver) can be changed at the top of the script. For security, there is no command to change the name of commands.

Download version 1.13 of the Starcraft League: Click to view attachment
Right click > Save target/link as... > Stealthbot plugins folder > Save in plugins folder, reload script
Click > Copy code > Go to plugins folder, create new txt file > Paste code in, save, reload script

Support topic (click)
QUOTE(7thAce @ Jul 18 2009, 08:24 PM) *
Because of the way this script records information, users with a closed bracket "]" cannot join the league. It causes errors with the .ini file that the script uses to record user stats.
It's always possible to escape strings for situations like this.

Here's what I would do:
When storing the username, repace the "]" with "," (since usernames cannot have , in them!).
When retrieving the username, replace "," with "]" again.
Problem solved. Users won't know the difference.
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