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Full Version: [RESOLVED] Quick Scripit atteration > StealthBot > Scripting and Plugins > Script Creation Requests
Ok this is going to seem like a really stupid question:

a while back i had a few people here help with a custom cmd for a ban:

Private Const mpban_access = 40
Private Const mpban_cmd = "MPban"

Sub mpban_Event_Usertalk(Username, Flags, Message, Ping)

    GetDBEntry Username, M, F  
    If M <  mpban_access Then Exit Sub  

If Split(Lcase(Message))(0) = BotVars.Trigger & LCase(mpban_cmd) AND InStr(Message, " ") Then
user = Split(Message)(1)

Call timeban_Event_UserTalk(BotVars.Username, 0, "/tban " & user & " d/60 2-Month-ban.", 0)

    End If
End Sub

It works..the only thing i wanted was so that a W3 bot could use it. This is designed so only a d2 sb could use it. Bascly @useast is missin where would i place it.

Your assitance is greatly appreicated.

I do not see a syntax problem with that code.

When you are issuing the command, make sure you use @USEast or leave it out. If your bot is on a different realm then you have to make sure you do this.

Or you could change it to this:

Call timeban_Event_UserTalk(BotVars.Username, 0, "/tban " & user & "@USEast d/60 2-Month-ban.", 0)

but that will make it so your bot can't ban anyone @Azeroth.
if i have client ban it will still work

It worked Thanks for help.. I knew it was something smiple..
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