Clan KA has been around for over 2 years, derived from members old and new
We go back to 1998 under the names Clan K9 and Clan DP, K9 is now run by a few kids who got the Shaman, DP is completely gone as far as i know

We are proud of our history, but focused on our future

Clan KA plays Starcraft mainly, but we also have members who play d2, and wc3, along with many other, games such as warhammer 40k, Counter Strike 1.6 and Source, Day of Defeat source, and many more steam games, you can check a list of our current top ten games on our Xfire page

We have a channel on uswest with 24/7 ops, an Xfire clan complete with a page and clan chat /w voice server, and we also have a clan on Steam

We are accepting new members for any game, we have a full 19 rank system with more to come as we grow, we have a rank bot in our channel, ranks on Xfire

Our only requirement is that you be well-mannered and ready to game!