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is it possible to make a command where you type a command and then a name and it tells you what game they are in?

i hope this isnt considered hijacking the thread.
Yes- i do consider this hijacking, - This forum needs more topics anyway.

So basically you want it to do /whois [username] and then return the data?

~ This concept i'm still working on - It's clear that people want to to use CCX to retrieve data from bnet.
- Doing so is going to take some work - and imagination.

Some ideas I have are;
/bnetcc <MYCC> <BNET STRING>
At which point the response will act as a trigger for "MYCC".
This is currently my favorite idea, as it allows you to easily identify the BNET response by doing checks on %1, %2 - etc.
Mimics of this concept would include %bnetcc(<MYCC>,<BNETSTRING>).

But, it's slightly confusing, so I haven't implemented anything like that yet. - This might not even ever enter CCX, - and be left for a Add-On writer to register.

Other concepts like %getbnetresponse(command) are too difficult to implement, and difficult to identify/mess with the returned value.
yes, basically like ULM except it can recall the data upon request of a command

also i was wondering if it's possible to get a person's info like the clan they are in their level and that type of thing, is it possible?
there is already such a plugin.
the bnc plugin by phix ( Commands Plugin)
Nice find. - use that.
CCX wont be able to do this for a while.
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