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Full Version: Help me out here > StealthBot > Scripting and Plugins > Plugin Projects > Baal Channel Project (BCP)
stealthbot profile :gohs
Channel name ohmy.gifp tavern

bot : Prefix: [bcp]
Version: 2.0
Filename: bcp_2_0_2.plug

14 mutual friends on bot list
friends have the bot acc in theirs fl aswell

[BCP] Starting up... please wait
[BCP] BCP 2.0 by IAreConnection: Loaded 0 profiles. (0.02ms) -- why 0 profiles ?

[BNLS] Connecting...
[16:00:23] [BNLS] Connected!
[16:00:23] [BNLS] Authorized!
[16:00:23] [BNET] Connecting...
[16:00:23] [BNET] Connected!
[16:00:23] [BNET] Checking version...
[16:00:24] [BNET] Client version accepted!
[16:00:24] [BNET] Sending login information...
[16:00:24] [BNET] Login successful.
[16:00:24] [BNET] Logged on as tavern.
[16:00:24] -- Joined channel: op tavern --
[16:00:24] -- tavern has acquired ops.
[16:00:25] Account Created: 4/6/2009, 21:02:30 ( time)
[16:00:25] Last Logon: 5/17/2009, 14:58:55 ( time)
[16:00:25] Last Logoff: 5/17/2009, 14:58:55 ( time)
[16:00:25] Time Logged: 1 day, 1 hours, 18 minutes and 10 seconds
[16:00:25] [BCP:GDB] Updating bot status...
[16:00:27] [BCP] All users saved.
[16:00:27] [BCP:GDB] Updating bot status...
[16:00:27] [BCP] Note: Failed to update on the GDB. --do i have to get acces to gdb to make my bot count brs ?
[16:00:27] 35764: Still executing last request
[16:00:34] Configuration file loaded.
[16:00:38] [BCP] All users saved.
[16:00:38] [BCP:GDB] Updating bot status...
[16:00:41] Loaded 2 of 2 script files referenced.
[16:00:41] 2 plugins loaded. Type /plugins in the bot to view them. Type /phelp for help using them.
[16:00:41] Type /updates in the bot to view updates and new plugins that are available for download.
[16:00:41] [BCP] Starting up... please wait
[16:00:41] [BCP] BCP 2.0 by IAreConnection: Loaded 0 profiles. (0.02ms)
[16:00:42] [BCP:GDB] Updating bot status...
[16:00:52] Plugin Settings Loaded.

all my cf are logged and when they make baal or chaos bot 1. did not show annoucment of new brs . .
2. do not count brs 3. bot do not makin any stats

.career - u do not have a career here
.bcpeval - there is 0 unique profiles on this bot 0 total games completed
.myinfo - DOES NOT work at all

All my friend have 100 access mutual bot fl . .

In my opinion i have to get an access to gdb . . if not gdb is not nassecery to count brs on my channel then i can honestly say i waste my time on that bcp 2.0.2

First off, you may have language issues so please double check you have the file.

Second, you have GDB access because you requested it. The page is in plain English so you should have no problem translating it by Google if you really can't understand it.

Finally, they need to enter the channel at least once, and continue to do so for the bot to finalize their games. If they don't do that it ignores them.
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