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Regarding this page:

Why is the PhraseKick Plugin information leading to this?:

I clearly remember there being a topic and a script/plugin in the past for this. I think I even have an old copy of it somewhere from way back when. Is there any reason for this?
If you looked closer, you'd see that there are more plugins which lead to that link. And if it does, then no, there is no topic for it.

And you want to say you have a copy of that topic ... ?

The plugin still exists as the download link still works, there is simply no documentation topic for it.
Documentation should be written up for it though if it's an approved StealthBot plugin. We have documentation on everything else, and seeing how the plugin system is being integrated into the bot, I don't see why not. If I had enough knowledge in scripting I would do it, but unfortunately I don't.
Once 52 completes his repository, all plugins will have online documentation provided by authorized scripters.
I haven't seen him for a very long time. Is he still active lol?
Still though, that's good news. Thanks for the reply! smile.gif
He's still around, he drops me a line every now and then.
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