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I am doing a major overhaul of the online plugin repository. I am adding some new features and a more intuitive way to submit a plugin for review. If anyone has suggestions, please post them here. This is what I have planned so far....
  • Download Counters
  • Script Rating
  • Version History
  • Better support for authors and co-authors
  • Searching
  • Management Interface
I am using PHP5 with MySQL stored procedures. Things are starting to come together and I am very very close to actually start on the site layout and design smile.gif Here is a snippet of PHP code and the resulting HTML...


$table = new DataGrid(Plugin::GetPluginList(), 'plugin');
$table->SetColumnProperty('PluginID', 'visible', false);
$table->SetColumnProperty('PluginVersionID', 'visible', false);
$table->SetColumnProperty('PluginName', 'headertext', 'Name');
$table->SetColumnProperty('PluginDateCreated', 'headertext', 'Date Created');
$table->SetColumnProperty('PluginDateCreated', 'dateformat', 'F jS, Y');
$table->SetColumnProperty('PluginVersionDateCreated', 'headertext', 'Last Updated');
$table->SetColumnProperty('PluginVersionDateCreated', 'dateformat', 'F jS, Y');
echo $table->Draw();


<table id="plugin_table">
  <tr id="plugin_row_h">
    <th id="plugin_h_Name">Name</th>
    <th id="plugin_h_Date Created">Date Created</th>
    <th id="plugin_h_Description">Description</th>
    <th id="plugin_h_Prefix">Prefix</th>
    <th id="plugin_h_Version">Version</th>
    <th id="plugin_h_Last Updated">Last Updated</th>
  <tr id="plugin_row_0">
    <td id="plugin_0_PluginName">Language Translation</td>
    <td id="plugin_0_PluginDateCreated">June 30th, 2008</td>
    <td id="plugin_0_Description">Translate messages from one language to another.</td>
    <td id="plugin_0_Prefix">trans</td>
    <td id="plugin_0_Version">2.24</td>
    <td id="plugin_0_PluginVersionDateCreated">June 30th, 2008</td>

And the script to create the stored procedure smile.gif

DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS usp_prc_GetPluginList$$
CREATE PROCEDURE usp_prc_GetPluginList
    OUT oReturnValue INT,
    OUT    oColumns VARCHAR(200)

    SELECT    P.InternalID AS PluginID,
            P.Name AS PluginName,
            P.DateCreated AS PluginDateCreated,
            PV.InternalID AS PluginVersionID,
            CONCAT(PV.VersionMajor, '.', PV.VersionMinor) AS Version,
            PV.DateCreated AS PluginVersionDateCreated
    FROM    Plugin P
    INNER JOIN PluginVersion PV
        ON PV.PluginID = P.InternalID
    WHERE    PV.InternalID = (SELECT PV2.InternalID
                             FROM PluginVersion PV2
                             WHERE PV2.PluginID = P.InternalID
                             ORDER BY PV2.VersionMajor DESC, PV2.VersionMinor DESC
                             LIMIT 1);

    SET oColumns = & #39;PluginID|PluginName|PluginDateCreated|Description|Prefix
    SET oReturnValue = 0;

END MAIN $$                    

Moved~ so the topic wont drown in help requests.

I'd be glad to help, - I should have some spare time soon, and I'd love to immerse myself in advanced PHP concepts smile.gif.
I am in the process of migrating the data from the old tables to the new tables. For the most part, I was able to write a couple queries to take care of it. The remaining tasks are a very manual process and takes anywhere from 2-5 minutes for each plugin (depending on how distracted i get).

Snap has agreed to help with the control panel, and I am going to make a request in the graphics forum for someone to make a banner image. Hopefully that will be more fruitful than any of my pervious requests sad.gif

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