Welcome in HEllZ-PKerz Thread

Channel: Clan Hp
Realm / Ladder / SoftCore / East

I have make Hp clan when ladder have start ! Now we got many members !
We got not many baal recorded in bot why ? Because we have reset bot many times ...
We got more then 15 000 baal runs Done !
You like Top diablo ? Baal ? Leech ?
Come baal with Hp clan !
WE got some Hardcore players , but for the most is Softcore player .
We run few chaos and many baal.
We are currently recruiting some good Baal runners or Members .
Apply now at hpclan forum or msg administrator or Me.
In channel you can do baal /chaos /chat with players/ ask people any pertinent question / play trivia / Duels / G ubers / G rush
In channel u can see many Lod_acc ... Why ? BEcause Hp have muted with Lod Clan !

Leader :


Administrator :

Name / d2 acc / jsp acc

Mar / aff-marrrr / Mar
Trin/ Trinitytrick / trinitytrick

(will be adding more as they create accounts)

Channel Commands :


If u got some question or need help with anyting Msg Me ! I like help people !!!

GOOD GAMES :bouncy: