Just Freshly made within the new year, and were currently looking for faithful members, who will be there as a member and not just a player. Looking for people who like doing chaos alot, (Were a chaos clan, but also many many more things are involved than that.) The friendships grow and grow, as we play more together. Were roughly at 7 - 8 members right now, and wanna put at least 20 on the board. We have a forum, 4 Stealthbots, 2 for a private op channel and 2 for a chaos channel. Currently One bot which is a D2 bot records Member Chaos run info. But if your just a registered runner, you have to log in on the other bot, and that doesn't record your runs. Gotta be a member to reap the benefits. Must have a stand out when it comes to rules, my rules are heavily enforced and some get a maximum of 3 months banned from channel, whether it be breaking forum rules, channel rules, and or game rules.

If your a member 1 character must ride an IvI tag othere then that its straight foward.

And if you don't feel like being a member, you can just sign up to be a chaos runner, and have fun. Rules are in affect for Member and non members so games are fun and not boring. THey go just the way you want them to. I have premade programs on our clan site pertaining to d2 (No Third Party) Hack's, or any type of bot that plays the game for u is Not permited and will be automatic discharge of access and rights, and you will be demoted of your rank whatever it may be.
Everybody is welcome.

My clan would not be what it is today without Stealthbot, Stealthbot.net and all the Members here @ stealthbot, and the staff. Thank them for letting this happen

Pm me for directions on how to sign up as a runner or become a member.