Don't create a new topic unless:
  1. You've read this to it's entirety
  2. You understand that topics here must be reviewed and approved by a moderator.
  3. You have some experience with vbs.
The Group-Projects forum is for users with large Scripting projects regarding StealthBot.

If you have a project that you would welcome help with, simply post it.
All posts require moderator preview to keep this forum clean. This is normally done very quickly, but please be patient. That means do not make a new topic, if it doesn't appear after submitting. Your project will remain invisible until approved by a scripting moderator.

  • Bump projects without adding information to the topic.
  • Post scripting support questions. This isn't to fix plugins, this is to help users working on projects work together.
  • Insult people for there code. - Helpful critiques are good, but I will tolerate no flaming or degrading of users here.
You can post your own projects, to get feedback, or assistance. - But don't post your project if your not open to advice, helpful critiques, or feedback.

That'le do for now, I'll continue updating this as necessary.

Please post your projects! smile.gif