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My friend was whispering people through his /f l and i could see it (i only use a bot for now) and i was in the same channel. After 10 minutes stealthbot showed idle but i was like... he's talking through whispering

anyway what im trying to say is, if they're talking through whispering and i can read it, shouldnt it count as not being idle?

That's why it's called anti-idle message ...

This feature is to prevent you from getting disconnected by for being idle. You can use any command/message that is sent to, so that you aren't detected as being idle (even a "/f l" anti-idle message).

Of course, for people and other bots in the channel it would look like you are idle all the time. But that's not the point.
no i mean he was idle in channel for 10 minutes even though he was talking through /f m

it should be the same if someone whispered

<from: person> yah lol

it checks if person is in the channel and resets the time idle from channel. so his name turns back to teal

Oh, you mean the color of the name in the channel list.

Well, I don't know if it's intended this way, but it's not too important in my opinion.

What's your point? You just want him to be shown as teal when he's whispering your bot?
IIRC.. White = idle, and teal = active. It should have ran a check to see if the user was in the channel, but I guess it must have been forgotten about when Stealth wrote the bot.
I have confirmed this problem.
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