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Full Version: can some1 convert somthen > StealthBot > Scripting and Plugins
i was woundering if some1 could convert the mass mail to a plugin it didnt have a plugin dl also in script collection like some do?
Script Add & Plugin Converter
Application to Convert Scripts to Plugin
grrr i hate that thing smile.gif
im so confused cuz for the mass mail u have2 make new files and stuff and i really have no where 2 put em in the converter or what it would be great if some1 that knows how could do it smile.gif
There already mass mailing system in sb. (.mmail Flag <Messages>)
ya smile.gif didnt want to give every1 on my userlist a flag i got a TON..........of people thats why i wanted to mass mail with the script smile.gif
stay tuned...

Edit: There you go. I basically had to rewrite the entire thing (how old was that anyway?).



Sub massmail_Event_Load()
End Sub

Sub massmail_Event_UserTalk(Username, Flags, Message, Ping)
    massmail_CommandInput Username, Flags, Message, 1
End Sub

Sub Event_WhisperFromUser(Username, Flags, Message)
    massmail_CommandInput Username, Flags, Message, 3
End Sub

Sub massmail_Event_UserEmote(Username, Flags, message)
   massmail_CommandInput Username, Flags, Message, 2
End Sub

Sub massmail_Event_PressedEnter(Text)
   massmail_CommandInput myUsername, 0, Text, 4
End Sub

& #39;********************************************************

Private massmail_access, massmail_flag

Private Sub massmail_LoadSettings()

    SetSetting "massmail", "access", "90", _
 "Access-Level required to use massmail", False
    SetSetting "massmail", "flag", "M", _
 "Access-Flag required to use massmail (if level " & _
 "isn't high enough", False
    massmail_access = CLng(GetSetting("massmail", "access"))
    massmail_flag = CStr(GetSetting("massmail", "flag"))

End Sub

& #39;********************************************************

Sub massmail_CommandInput(Username, Flags, Message, Origin)

    Dim msg, fso, f, Line, a, i, al, af
    If UCase(Left(Message,9)) = BotVars.Trigger & _
 GetDBEntry Username, al, af
 If (af < massmail_access) And Not _
     ((massmail_flag <> "") And _
     (InStr(af, massmail_flag) > 0)) Then
     Dsp Origin, "Access denied", Username, vbRed
     Exit Sub
 End If
 msg = Trim(Mid(Message, 10))
 If Len(msg) = 0 Then
     Exit Sub
 End If
 Set fso = CreateObject( _
 If Not fso.FileExists(BotPath() & "users.txt") Then
     Dsp Origin, "users.txt not found", Username, _
     Exit Sub
 End If
 Set f = fso.OpenTextFile(BotPath() & "users.txt", 1)
 i = 0
 Do While Not f.AtEndOfStream
 Line = Trim(f.ReadLine)
     If Len(Line) > 0 Then
   a = Split(Line, Space(1))
   Command Username, "/bmail " & a(0) & " " & _
       msg, True
   i = i + 1
     End If
 Dsp Origin, "MassMail completed (" & i & _
     " recipients)", Username, vbCyan
    End If
End Sub

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