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I have a problem. This computer is connected to the net via a Proxy to the ICS host. (ICS=Internet Connection Sharing) If ICS worked, StealthBot would work, i know it. But i have to use a 3rd party program called CCProxy. And i have to use a prog called SocksCap32 to force most progs to use the proxy. But SB doesnt want to comply. Is there anyone who nows how to fix this? anything please.

This is the error message i get:

[BNLS] Error 11001: Authoritative answer: Host not found
[7:55:44 PM] [BNLS] Your computer is unable to contact the BNLS servers.
[7:55:44 PM] All connections closed.
[7:56:08 PM] [BNLS] Error 11001: Authoritative answer: Host not found
[7:56:08 PM] [BNLS] Your computer is having DNS resolution issues. No more reconnection will occur. Please try connecting again in 15-30 minutes, or contact your Internet Service Provider.
[8:07:03 PM] All connections closed.

(Oh and by the way, my proxy DOES work.)
(p.s. i cant connect to BNET either)
We can't support the use of socks cap to force Sb to connect through a proxy, I have yelled at stealth many times to allow the use of proxys on both BNLS and BNET many times, mainly due to this kind of setup. But sorry there is nothing we can do.
Atleast if I understand your setup as you ahve described.
The Windows ICS service uses NAT to house all of the computers on the network under a single IP address. Why would you need to use a proxy server to effectively accomplish the same task?
I have confirmed this problem.
My question is, shouldn't SocksCap wrap both the BNLS, BNCS and DNS lookup connections through your proxy?

You could try using the IP address of the BNLS server directly, which is (subject to change)
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