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> The StealthBot Plugin System
post Jun 30 2006, 11:39 PM
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The StealthBot Plugin System Guide

Click here for the Plugin System FAQ.

Current Changelog: http://stealthbot.net/p/plugs/changelog

Current Version:

<iframe src="http://www.stealthbot.net/p/plugs/update.php?action=sctxtver" style="width: 120px; height: 30px; margin: 0px; border: none; padding: 0px;"></iframe>

Explanation: The StealthBot Plugin System is an addition to the StealthBot VBScripting system that allows users with minimal scripting knowledge to download, implement, and use multiple scripts easily. You need the Plugin System as most of the scripts you will find on this website are in "plugin format", and in order to run these scripts on your StealthBot you need to have the Plugin System installed.

Installation Instructions:
(This is assuming you have StealthBot successfully installed. If not, click here to get it).
1. Close your bot (if it's open).
2. Right-Click here (click) and hit Save Link/Target As.
3. In the Save As dialog that pops up, go to your StealthBot folder.

IPB Image

4. Hit Save.
5. When a box pops up asking "Do you want to replace it?", hit Yes.
6. Open your bot back up. The script will guide you from there. Enjoy!

If you had difficulties with these directions, click here for a video tutorial (Thanks Hdx!).

Plugin System Commands
  • Internal Commands:
    Use these commands from inside the bot with "/" as your trigger.
    • Lists all new plugins and updates that are available for download.
    /getplugin [prefix]
    • Downloads the specified plugin.
    /phelp [prefix]
    • Gets helpful information for the specified plugin.
    • Lists the prefix, version, filename, and status of all loaded plugins.
    /[prefix] [on/off]
    • Enables or disables the specified plugin.
    • Reloads the plugin settings. Must use after making changes to pluginsettings.ini.
    /nvn [prefix] [on/off]
    • Enables/Disables new version notification for the specified plugin.
  • Advanced Internal Commands:
    These commands are unnecessary for most users. Not recommended for beginners.
    /debug [on/off]
    • Sets debug mode to enabled/disabled.
    /ext [add/rem] [extension]
    • Adds or removes an extension from the list of allowed plugin file extensions.
  • External Commands:
    Use these commands from outside the bot. Replace . with your bot's trigger.
    .[prefix] [on/off]
    • Same as the internal command. Requires 100 access.
    • Lists the prefixes of all loaded plugins. Requires 100 access.
Adding Scripts Manually

There may be times when you want to add scripts to your StealthBot that you don't see available for download when you type /updates, such as a script you see posted on the forums, or a script that someone gave a download link to. These scripts need to be added manually. To do so follow these instructions carefully:
    1. Open the page/file where the script is, highlight ALL of the script, then hit CTRL + C.
    2. Inside your plugins folder, right-click on an empty area and select New > Text Document. Name it whatever you want. Open up the new file by double-clicking it, and hit CTRL + V. The script you're adding should then appear. Then, save and close the file.
    3. Inside your bot hit Settings > Reload Script
<a name="settings">Plugin Settings</a>

Almost all plugins have several program settings that can be tweaked to make it run to your liking. Depending on the plugin, there are two different places where these settings can be located:
    1. In your pluginsettings.ini file, located in your plugins folder. To see if your plugin has program settings in this file, first open the file by double-clicking it. If it asks you what program to use to open it, choose Notepad. Then scroll through the file and look for your plugin's prefix. It will be inside brackets (" [prefix] "). Underneath the prefix line, you will find two built-in settings that all plugins have ("enabled", "nvn"). Below these two settings you may or may not find additional settings. If you find none, then your plugin's program settings may be located inside the plugin file itself (see #2). To modify settings inside pluginsettings.ini, follow these instructions: Open pluginsettings.ini and make the desired changes. Then, Save the file by hitting File > Save, or by typing CTRL + S. Last, you must reload your pluginsettings.ini file by typing "/lset" (without the quotes) inside your bot. If you close your bot or hit Reload Script before you type /lset, your changes will be reverted.
    2. In the plugin file. To find the plugin's file name, type /plugins inside your bot, and make note of the "Filename" line. Then, go inside your plugins folder and double-click the file with that filename. If it asks you what program to use to open it (it probably will the first time), choose Notepad. Scroll through the plugin code and look for a section headed by "Program Settings" or something of the like. Underneath you will find settings variables you can change. To modify settings found in the plugin file, follow these instructions: Make the desired changes, following all directive comments near the settings. Then, Save the plugin file by hitting File > Save, or by typing CTRL + S. Last, inside your bot hit Settings > Reload Script.
Other Important Notes
  • Before posting questions/errors, read this entire thread, as well as the FAQ
  • After modifying settings in pluginsettings.ini while the bot is open, you must reload the settings by typing /lset inside your bot. Hitting Reload Script or closing the bot will undo your changes!
  • In the /prefix on/off and /nvn commands, you can use "ps" as [prefix] to give the command a global effect.
  • Always read the change log after receiving new versions (can be found here). It will contain important information about what has changed and what new features have been added.
  • If you would like to view the current Plugin System code, click here.
The StealthBot Plugin System created by Swent
Based on the plugin script by Xelloss
Update system created by FiftyToo
Plugin Creator written by #define

Last updated: 05/03/2009 ~Ribose

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