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> Scripting and Plugins Rules, READ THIS BEFORE YOU MAKE A NEW TOPIC
post Oct 23 2006, 06:42 PM
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Scripting and Plugins Rules

<a name="1" href="#1">1.</a> BEFORE CREATING A NEW TOPIC YOU MUST:<a name="2" href="#2">2.</a> Be specific and choose a suitable title
  • Always give as much information and detail as possible when you post, especially when reporting errors. The best way is to include a chatlog of the event (= what you see on the bot's chat window), including the exact error message and when it occurs. (Please use codebox tags for long logs.)
  • Choose a title that fits your topic. It should be a short explanation of your problem. Do not put [TAGS] in your title and do not use titles such as "help me", "script help", "script problem" or the like.
<a name="3" href="#3">3.</a> Use code tags and don't post unneeded code
  • If you are going to post code, please put [code<i></i>] tags around it. If it is a long script or if your script is breaking the tables, please use [codebox<i></i>] tags.
  • If you have an issue with a bigger plugin that has been posted on the forums, please do NOT attempt to paste the code into the topic. It will most likely not fit anyways. Instead link to the topic/post where the code has been posted. You may post modifications you made to the plugin (e.g. the settings section).
<a name="4" href="#4">4.</a> Post in the correct forum<a name="5" href="#5">5.</a> <a name="spam_flame"></a>Don't spam/flame
  • We maintain a very broad definition of spamming and flaming in this forum. If you think what you're going to say is in any way irrelevant, unhelpful, unnecessary, incorrect (if you're providing support), or inflammatory, then don't post.
<a name="6" href="#6">6.</a> No advice is better than wrong advice
  • Don't attempt to provide scripting support if you don't know what you're talking about, or are unfamiliar with the script in question. Unknowledgeable users giving incorrect support make the problem worse.
<a name="7" href="#7">7.</a> <a name="spam"></a>No spammer/advertising or gnome scripts
  • Posting anything related to "spammer", "advertising", or "gnome" scripts is not allowed. This includes posting one, requesting one, or asking for support for one that you own. A script is defined as such by the sole discretion of the scripting moderators.
<a name="8" href="#8">8.</a> <a name="plager"></a>No plagiarizing others' scripts
  • Posting other's code, and calling it your own will result in a weeks suspension.
    No exceptions! Modifications of scripts with proper credits is allowed. Complete reposting is not.
    (Changing function names, and comments is not acceptable)
<a name="9" href="#9">9.</a> <a name="untested"></a>Do not post untested scripts!
  • Posting any script that has obviously not been tested (errors on script reload, etc) does not help the person the script is for and only makes things more complicated. There have been to many people going around and posting untested scripts and then having to fix them when they should of just taken the 20 seconds to test it in the first place. Anyone that posts a script that has obviously not been tested (errors on reload script, etc) will receive a warning. This rule applies to the script creation request forum as well!
<a name="10" href="#10">10.</a> <a name="extlinks"></a>No external links
  • When you post/release a plugin, please post the code here on the forums. Do not post an external link to the plugin only.
  • The problem with external links is, that moderators have to check the plugin if there is any malicious code in it. Only approved plugins posted on this site are safe to use. Also, the code on the server could be changed or the file could be removed, ending in dead links that help no one.
  • You can, however, add a link as an addition to the posted code. You should avoid using external links completely though. We recommend using attachments.
<a name="11" href="#11">11.</a> <a name="bumping"></a>No bumping
  • When you don't get an answer to your question within a few days, it's most likely the case that no one knows the answer. We know that it's frustrating not getting a topic resolved, but bumping won't solve the issue. It just annoys other users and the moderators. Persistent bumping, especially when told to stop doing it by a moderator, will result in a warn.
  • The same applies to very old threads. Please do not reply to them if they are several months old or even older. Many of the scripts posted there might already be outdated. Instead make your own topic and add a reference link to the topic in question.
  • For those who don't know what bumping is: It means the frequent replying in a topic so that it stays at the top of the current active threads (Bring Up My Post).
Click here to view the official board rules which apply to all forums.

Breaking any of these rules may result in a warning. Continuation of the same behavior following such a warning will result in a suspension.

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