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> Recruit and Apply (recruit)
post May 16 2009, 06:36 PM
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So, it's all about fame, huh?

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Recruit and Apply Script

Author: The-Black-Ninja
Explanation: Allows automated stats checking, recruiting, and inviting of users into your clan.

All commands require 90, 50, or 40 access by default.
  • rec = Command needed to initiate requirement settings or initiate the "status" command
  • apply = Command for users to apply
  • read = Command to read recruits on the list
  • delrecruit = Command to delete recruits from the list
  • clear = Command to remove all recruits from the list
  • addrecruit = Command to add recruits to the list - Clan members can only do this
  • status = Command to check the system status
  • autoinvite = Command to enable/disable automatic invites upon passing requrement test. Followed by "on/off"
  • wins = Command to enable/disable win amount requrement test. Followed by "on/off"
  • percent = Command to enable/disable win percent amount requrement test. Followed by "on/off"
  • level = Command to enable/disable level requrement test. Followed by "on/off"
  • multi = Command to enable/disable multi level and percent requrement test. Followed by "on/off"
Example Usages:
  1. To enable/disable an invite requirement...
    • rec level on/off
    • rec wins on/off
    • rec percent on/off
    • rec multi on/off
      Note: enabling multi disables level, wins, and percent automatically.
  2. To set the requirement limits...
    • rec setwins 25
    • rec setlevel 5
    • rec setpercent 50.00
    • rec setmulti 10 - 50
  3. For a fast way of removing users from the recruit list...
      If you have: 1. user1, 2. user2, 3. user3, 4. user4 : but only want to remove 1 and 3, you don't have to type their full usenrame, just do...
    • delrecruit 1, 3
  4. To string multiple argumets together (not limited to the amount shown here)...
    • rec recruit User1, User2, User3
    • rec setmulti 10 - 50, 20 - 53, 40 - 55
  5. To enable auto inviting when reqs. are met...
    • rec autoinvite on
    • rec checkreqs on
  6. To enable placing on the recruit list when reqs. are met...
    • rec autoinvite off
    • rec checkreqs on
  7. To enable the standard recruit list mode...
    • rec autoinvite off
    • rec checkreqs off
  8. To check the status of it all...
    • rec status
Important Notes:
  • You must have the Plugin System to use this script.
  • To download this plugin type "/getplugin recruit" inside your bot.
  • This type of "apply" script will allow you to make requirement changes and the invite mode without having to reload the script. You will, however, need to reload script when you make changes like access and command changes from editing the script itself.
  • This script will greet members when there are recruits waiting on the list.
  • If you would like to view this plugin's code before you download it, click here.
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post Aug 12 2009, 03:21 PM
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Pure Sex

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I just wanted to let you guys know that an updated version of the recruit plugin will be made for 2.7. This is in response to the recent topics about the Error 13 errors. In this script, loads of fixes have been made and, overall, the script will be easier to use thanks to the new exposed scripting variables made available by the tireless Dev team smile.gif

Notable Fixes:
  • Properly checks for the " tag " in the username.
  • Requirements will no longer be relying on the bnet webpage; no more "Battle.net pages are down..." errors.
Notable improvements:
  • Checking of requirements are almost immediate.
  • Variables will be easier to set.
  • Explanations are clearer.
  • Recruits automatically get removed from the list when they accept the clan invite or when they join the channel again with the clan tag.
Any questions or concerns, PM me or create a topic in the Scripting section.
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